role of enterprise architecture
From the Editor

EA in the Middle

November 15, 2015 George Paras 0

Despite the efforts of many EA advocates, there is still a recurring debate and lack of consensus across the wider IT and business communities on the scope and role of EA. Even among those who […]

maturing an ea program
From the Editor

Timing is Everything

August 15, 2015 George Paras 0

“Timing is everything” is as true in EA as it is in life. While mentoring EA professionals, I have seen many failures and lost opportunities because teams were not sensitive to timing. It is particularly […]

effective ea models
From the Editor

Be a Storyteller

May 15, 2015 George Paras 0

While they say that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” too often the viewer just doesn’t seem to “get it.” The picture doesn’t yield the clarity the author had hoped for. In EA, that’s […]

guiding the enterprise
From the Editor

Guiding the Enterprise

August 15, 2014 George Paras 0

Sometimes I wonder if EA practitioners have swung the pendulum too far away from the strategic aspects of EA in the interest of driving business outcomes. I often see EA teams fully allocated to supporting […]

digital transformation
From the Editor

A Big Deal

February 15, 2014 George Paras 0

Digital transformation is the latest big deal. While there have been many “next big things” over the last two decades, this one is different. It has the potential to fundamentally change things for IT and […]

supporting enterprise architects
From the Editor

EA Is Everyone’s Job

August 15, 2013 George Paras 0

The theme for this issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine is “EA Is Everyone’s Job.” As awareness of the discipline around enterprise architecture has surged in the consciousness of corporate leaders in the C-suite, so too […]