EA and the Internet of Things

ea and the internet of things

I once thought consumer-oriented “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices were novelties. The early ones were single purpose, low frequency, not integrated, and had narrow uses. They were solutions to problems I didn’t have. Lately, I have been exploring home security/safety solutions and found device choices that seem more practical and have the potential to be interconnected through more sophisticated apps. As a consumer, I’m hoping that trend in home automation continues.

The big leap for IoT-driven evolution, though, will come through the “industrial Internet,” not consumer devices (though I think those lines will blur over time). Manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and energy companies have complex and layered business operations, device diversity, scale, an enormous volume and a high frequency of data, and a need for standardization. IoT-driven analyses will touch almost every corner of these companies from operations to planning to the executive suite. Eventually, companies will rethink how they use information, who and what they are, and how they do work. These challenges are ready-made for enterprise architects. They should update core principles in the context of this new driver, leverage business architecture concepts and models, and visit new standards, just to start. For more on the IoT implications and opportunity for EA, check out my blog.

In this issue, Holt Hackney, A&G managing editor, interviews and shares IoT observations from several industry experts. We also feature articles on enhancing the relationship between the IT organization and finance, a fresh look at hiring the best talent, and information on a new EA graduate program on security.

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