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From the Editor

What Can You See on the Horizon?

February 6, 2018 Holt Hackney 0

Predicting the future is hard work, especially when it comes to EA. But that’s what we have tried to do in the pages of the latest Architecture & Governance Magazine with three articles that examine […]

creativity in enterprise architecture
From the Editor

Striking a Balance

October 10, 2017 George Paras 0

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not new. It has been around, at least conceptually, for more than a decade. So, that new car smell has faded. Even so, it remains transformational, especially when considering […]

project portfolio management and enterprise architecture
From the Editor

Complementary Relationships

May 15, 2017 George Paras 0

Project portfolio management and enterprise architecture usually begin as unique and stand-alone disciplines. If they remain apart, though, the opportunity to maximize their value to the company will not be achieved. In this issue’s lead […]

enterprise architect interview
From the Editor

Take the Initiative

August 15, 2016 George Paras 0

When I reflect on the title of this issue and the topics of our contributed articles, it reminds me of the motivations of many of the EA practitioners I have worked with over the years. […]

ea and the internet of things
From the Editor

EA and the Internet of Things

May 15, 2016 George Paras 0

I once thought consumer-oriented “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices were novelties. The early ones were single purpose, low frequency, not integrated, and had narrow uses. They were solutions to problems I didn’t have. Lately, I […]

enterprise architecture & marketing
From the Editor

Collaborating with the Marketing Side

February 15, 2016 George Paras 0

Enterprise architects (EAs) have a tremendous opportunity in the coming years to lead a complete digital transformation of their organization. Not only should they need to focus on their customers’ rapidly evolving needs and expectations […]

role of enterprise architecture
From the Editor

EA in the Middle

November 15, 2015 George Paras 0

Despite the efforts of many EA advocates, there is still a recurring debate and lack of consensus across the wider IT and business communities on the scope and role of EA. Even among those who […]

maturing an ea program
From the Editor

Timing is Everything

August 15, 2015 George Paras 0

“Timing is everything” is as true in EA as it is in life. While mentoring EA professionals, I have seen many failures and lost opportunities because teams were not sensitive to timing. It is particularly […]