IASA Global Partners with AI, Data & Analytics Network

The Partnership Calls for Each Group to Share Insights Across the Other’s Platforms 

IASA Global, the world’s leading professional association for Technology Architects, announced today a partnership with the AI, Data & Analytics Network (ADA), a community of global corporate enterprise AI, Data and Analytics executives, enabling both entities to share valuable insights with each other’s communities. 

As such, IASA Global has invited the Network to participate in its Business Innovation Leadership and Technology (BILT) conference series, Architecture & Governance Magazine, and its corporate newsletter to its membership. 

In turn, the Network has welcomed IASA Global to be a participant in theAI & Data Democratization Live event April 27-28, as well as contribute content to the blog on its site as well its internal newsletter to members. 

“This is a great way for our two communities to learn from each other and grow professionally,” said Paul Preiss, the CEO of IASA Global. “We’re excited about the potential and the synergies we might find as we move forward in 2021.” 

About IASA Global 

Founded in 2003, IASA Global is a world leading professional association for technology, business, and enterprise architects. IASA is the preeminent knowledge-based association focused on the IT architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education. IASA delivers programs and services to develop highly qualified IT architects of all levels. Over fifteen years, IASA has also developed, with the help of practicing & certified architects from around the world, a comprehensive IT Architecture Body of Knowledge.  

IASA believes in ‘Architecture Driven Digital Advantage’, the profound and accelerating outcome from business activities, processes, competencies, and models which fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies, digital business models, digital operations, and digital customer experiences driven from modern architecture skillsets, tools, and techniques. IASA has decades of experience assisting organizations around the world in developing their digital practices, growing the architect skills they require in both technical and business staff and helping them gain digital advantage from those skills. For more information on IASA and the services it provides organizations please contact us at: sales@iasaglobal.org