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Responsible AI

October 16, 2020 Pablo Junco 0

Over the years, as IT architecture professionals, we have been mastering our skills, capabilities, and experience when it comes to designing, building, operating, and having strong governance of any system as requested by organizations of all sizes. Technology has become an integral part of our […]

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Consider this Blueprint of Futuristic Data Architecture

September 22, 2020 Alok Mehta 0

Ensuring data translates into meaningful information is what matters at the end of the day, as ultimately information is what is used to make decisions by the businesses.  To make things further interesting, businesses prefer flexibility and options in the way […]

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The End of the ERP?

May 1, 2018 David Giannetto 0

Computer Weekly states that most SAP projects have a 50 percent chance of failure. Resulting IT, an SAP advisory service, surveyed 105 SAP project owners to find that 52 percent were over budget. Few people […]

Dev Ops Partner with EA
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DevOps Takes the Stage as a Partner with EA

February 6, 2018 Christopher Calnan 0

As the demand for software rises, a methodology to guide its development has skyrocketed in prominence. DevOps, a compound contraction of (software) development and (software) operations, is spiking in popularity as companies take a more […]

simplifying enterprise architecture
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Taking It Back to Simple

August 15, 2015 David Baldwin 0

Today’s ever changing businesses cannot wait until next year’s planning cycle to implement projects that impact revenue bottom lines. Large entities, such as the Air Force, are taking an exorbitant amount of time to change […]

it strategies
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Breaking Down a Service to the Quantum Level

February 15, 2015 Monte Rummer 0

IT strategies are at a pivotal point in their evolution, which could change the way people think when it comes to the delivery of services. IT organizations, whether they realize it or not, have always […]

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A Newly Hired CIO: Day One

August 15, 2013 Chris Manuel 0

In the game “Sim City,” players start from an underdeveloped green field—completely unencumbered by existing constructs such as buildings, power lines, roadways, and that 100-year-old tree you can’t cut down because of what it represents […]