Applications & Technology

A Functional Roadmap for IoT Security

March 25, 2021 Rana Kamill 0

Article Contribution Security for the Internet of Things (IoT) covers a wide range of issues because there are so many components that contribute to an IoT system. These include connected devices, gateways, platforms to manage […]

Applications & Technology

Interoperability Releases the Full Value of IoT Data

March 24, 2021 Dr. Shane He 0

 Article Contribution   Frequent flyer and supermarket loyalty schemes are two examples of systems for collecting and analyzing user behavior. They generate significant value and have evolved over a few decades to provide benefits to the customer as well […]

Applications & Technology

An Architectural Framework for End-to-End IoT Systems

March 22, 2021 Dale Seed 0

Article Contribution Many Internet of Things (IoT) applications begin as experiments. This might involve the systematic collection of data from remote sensors or connected machines. Alternatively, the experiment might involve remote monitoring and control of […]

Applications & Technology

The Rise of InnerSource and Impactful Open Collaboration

March 10, 2021 Clare Dillon 0

For more than 20 years, I have worked with developers and developer communities, working with the latest available technology. About five years ago, I realized that successful digital transformation relied more on psychology and culture as it does on the excellence of […]