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Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer: A Role in Demand

by Holt Hackney in Artificial Intelligence 0

Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology is changing the way the world does business.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the use of AI to create new content, like text, images, music, audio, and [...]

Women in Architecture

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Applications & Technology

Women in Architecture Spotlight – Ayisha Tabbassum

January 19, 2024 0

Featured in this week’s spotlight is Ayisha Tabbassum , Onsite Lead – Multi- Cloud Architecture Design and Operations at Otis. Tabbassum migrated to the United States and pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Indiana […]

Chief Architect Forum Corner


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Elevating Architecture

Ireland – a Burgeoning Hub for Architectural Excellence

November 30, 2023 0

Tuesday, we shared an article in A&G about how Ireland is a “Centre of Excellence,” where several leading IT architects and technologists are bringing a cutting-edge business technology approach to Ireland, literally architecting the country’s […]


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Applications & Technology

Harnessing the Collective Ignorance of Solution Architects

April 23, 2024 0

By Simon Field, Senior Enterprise Architect at Ardoq I’ve often heard enterprise architecture teams complain that they are continuously fighting a losing battle.  They’ve been asked by the CIO to build a model of the IT […]