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    Applications & Technology

    The Tractor, Farmer, and Generative AI

    By James Wilt, Distinguished Architect Having recently relocated to Minnesota, I have grown to appreciate the beautiful rolling landscape of endless farms. Living here also means [...]
Cecilia Norden

Women in Architecture Spotlight – Cecilia Nordén

by Holt Hackney in Applications & Technology 0

Featured in this week’s spotlight is Cecilia Nordén, Enterprise and Business Architect of IRM and Co-founder of Milky Way International. Nordén helps businesses develop their strategies, offers to customers, mapping how those ideas affect the [...]


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Elevating EA

LeanIX & Reckitt: Moving towards Agile EA

September 3, 2021 0

Agility isn’t a mere buzzword when you need to help make it happen. With the rapid growth of technology across enterprises – and demand from the business to support an increasingly collaborative, data-driven approach to […]