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Next Generation IoT – Edge Computing

January 22, 2021 Sameer Paradkar 0

Introduction  IoT landscape is evolving rapidly and edge computing is becoming the next frontier where extensive innovation has taken place. Edge Computing is one of the core components of IoT.  Organization from transportation, oil & gas, manufacturing and smart buildings are relying on edge computing to create the […]

Applications & Technology

Evolving the CX practitioner

December 21, 2020 Krishan Jogia and Fran Mether 0

We all understand the critical importance of focusing on and improving the customer experience (CX) of any organisation. But all too often organisations fail to truly harness the value of CX and its integration points to strategy, business and operating model design.  There’s an opportunity for CX practitioners to evolve their skills and mindset to understand key strategy […]

Applications & Technology

Data Privacy

November 10, 2020 Sowmya Tejha Kandregula 0

For every boon there is a bane. With increased usage of internet, communication has become very effortless. On the downside, there is a higher risk element for personal information. Data breaches have become more harmful in today’s age of digitization impacting not just individuals but […]

Applications & Technology

Responsible AI

October 16, 2020 Pablo Junco 0

Over the years, as IT architecture professionals, we have been mastering our skills, capabilities, and experience when it comes to designing, building, operating, and having strong governance of any system as requested by organizations of all sizes. Technology has become an integral part of our […]