The AI, Data & Analytics Network Aligns with the A&G Community in Search of Synergies

Seth Adler
Seth Adler

Boundless energy only scratches the surface when describing , the Editor-in-Chief of The AI, Data & Analytics Network. The words Intuitive and determined also come to mind 

All of the above qualities have helped serve as the foundation for growth of the Network, which recently partnered with IASA Global and A&G as the two side co-promote each other’s events and find synergies between their respective communities. 

For the Network, that means raising awareness of the AI & Data Democratization Live event April 27-28. Meanwhile, Seth and his team will promote IASA Global’s Business Innovation Leadership and Technology (BILT) conference series. 

Kicking things off, we thought it might be useful to Interview Seth, the transcript of which follows. 


Question: What is the AI, Data & Analytics Network, and what is your role? 

Answer: The AI, Data & Analytics Network is a community of global corporate enterprise AI, Data and Analytics executives. We’re proud to say that our community is responsible for remarkable industry innovation day-in and day-out. I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the Network. Through research with top-level executives in the space, I set and manage the content strategy and direction for the site.   

Q: How has the pandemic affected the network? 

A: As we are digital natives, the pandemic has shed light on what we do and how we do it. It’s our job to bring together the AI, Data and Analytics community at a top-level to ensure that true thought-leadership and knowledge sharing occurs in the space. As executives continue to attempt to outpace disruption, we’re providing real-time information to ensure that they can benchmark against other leading organizations in the space.   

The way we see it, if industry innovation is the sunat our best, we are the moon. We provide the gravitational pull to generate the tidal force that lifts all boats. (The boats being global corporate enterprise businesses.)   

Q: What are its major initiatives for 2021? 

A: Our top priority is always to continue the conversation with our community to ensure we remain on the bleeding edge of what’s happening in the space. We bring people together around content. We post new content on a near-daily basis, usually written by our amazing Editor, Elizabeth Mixson. We also regularly host webinars and publish reports on key content areas. And quarterly, we host virtual events to provide an opportunity for the community to gather and discuss key initiatives in the space.  

Q: What AI trends do you expect to see in 2021? 

A: The centrifugal-trend-force is that Enterprise AI Democratization is happening. There are plenty of business-led technologies that have been implemented which feature embedded machine learning components. We’re also seeing the rise of the Enterprise AI Platform providing AI tools to citizen developers throughout global corporations.   

Q: What has been your path? 

A: Throughout my life, my purpose has been to bring people together around content. I ran the theatre at Ithaca College. I brought the circus to town with the former Greatest Show on Earth- Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. And I produced music events in the basement of the famed-now-closed CBGB. Now, I bring people together around content for theAI, Data & Analytics Network, theIntelligent Automation Networkand theCyber Security Hub.   

Q: Was there anyone in particular who was instrumental in your career in technology, a mentor? 

A: Early on in my business-to-business content career I had the honor of meeting Tim Berners-Lee, Vinod Khosla, Buzz Aldrin, and Douglas Adams, respectively. They weren’t mentors, but they each certainly helped shape the way that I understand technology.