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From the Editor

EA Is Everyone’s Job

August 15, 2013 George Paras 0

The theme for this issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine is “EA Is Everyone’s Job.” As awareness of the discipline around enterprise architecture has surged in the consciousness of corporate leaders in the C-suite, so too […]

enterprise architecture results
From the Editor

Driving Results

May 15, 2013 George Paras 0

Our theme this issue is “Driving Results Through EA.” Depending on the reader, that phrase may lead to one of two interpretations. The most common comes from pragmatists, members/leaders of EA functions that are primarily […]

business architecture opportunities
From the Editor

The Business Architecture Opportunity

February 15, 2013 George Paras 0

Business architecture (BA) plays an important role in enterprise architecture. It helps establish context, including the link to strategy. It is the glue that connects and holds everything else together. More than any other part […]

enterprise architecture potential
From the Editor

The “Value Issue”

May 15, 2012 George Paras 0

Perform an activity, yield immediate value. Instant gratification . . . If only value realization from enterprise architecture could be that clear. Proponents of EA see its biggest potential realized through enterprise-level change. EA is […]

business decision-making
From the Editor

Choice A, B or C? How Do You Decide?

February 15, 2012 George Paras 0

Making decisions in a complex enterprise is rarely easy. The perfect decision is usually elusive and often nonexistent. Executives I talk to often rely on a combination of intuition and experience and hope for the […]