EA Is Everyone’s Job

The theme for this issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine is “EA Is Everyone’s Job.” As awareness of the discipline around enterprise architecture has surged in the consciousness of corporate leaders in the C-suite, so too has the responsibility of those leaders to support enterprise architects as they ply their craft. This theme is evident in many of the articles of this issue of A&G.

Take Fred C. Collins’s piece, “Driving Results through EA—A Racer’s Perspective.” Creative analogies are a terrific way to communicate a strategic approach to EA, and I love this one. Fred introduces principles that can help all EA stakeholders in the enterprise embrace best practices.

“A Newly Hired CIO: Day One—How Do You Get Your Arms Around Your Applications and Build a Plan?” is equally compelling as it touches on the increasing responsibility of the CIO to manage the EA process. Author Chris Manuel explores the importance of the CIO obtaining “detailed insight into the current state of the organization’s complete application portfolio.”

In “Data Governance for the Mobile Enterprise,” author Jaspreet Singh touches on the trend toward the mobile enterprise, and how EA professionals must be ever vigilant in “dealing with the IT consequences” of this trend. Jaspreet makes a case for the importance of risk management and data governance, which fall within, or in some cases beyond, the purview of the EA professional.

We would be remiss in not sharing with our readers the litany of continuing education opportunities that are highlighted in our calendar. One in particular is Forrester’s Forum for Application Development & Delivery Professionals, which will be held October 17–18 in Indianapolis. Even this conference seems to reinforce the message in this issue that the parameters of what is an EA professional and who is responsible for it are in a constant state of growth. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to reinforce this.

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George S. Paras is editor-in-chief of A&G and an EA mentor at EAdirections. Read his blog at eadirections.com.