Building a New Future in the World of EA

In this issue, we take a snapshot of the future in technology, through the lens of enterprise architecture.

In the first article, author David F. Giannetto writes about “The End of the ERP,” focusing on “how technology change is redefining the role of ERP applications.”

Inevitably, the decision will come down to a strategic choice. Those companies that chose a more progressive, customer-oriented strategy will be forced to adopt a best-of- breed approach. Those companies that seek to lead in highly competitive markets will also lean in the same direction. This will give them the best chance of moving beyond traditional business models, staying ahead of the competition and differentiating their products and services. But many companies and industries still rely primarily upon price, or upon the pure strength of their products, to compete. These will be able to remain more wedded to traditional ERP applications, at least until someone in their industry turns the table on them.  A&G

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