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Applications & Technology

The Architect’s Contract

February 22, 2024 Holt Hackney 0

By Paul Preiss, of IASA Global Today, it has been 22 years that I have been studying architects. 22 years of delight and chagrin, of hope, belief and wishing. Mpre than two decades of seeing […]

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Generative AI: To Do or Not To Do

January 2, 2024 Holt Hackney 0

By Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara Today, every IT vendor is hammering the drum for Generative AI.  The same is true with recent seminars and conferences on IT technology. The speakers always mention Generative AI. In […]

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Applications & Technology

Why Do I Do This?

August 2, 2023 Holt Hackney 0

By Paul Preiss, Founder and CEO of IASA Global Of the many questions I get from people, there is one that I don’t talk about often enough. Whether it is hard to answer, or I […]