Upcoming BIL-T Conference Will Address ‘Navigating the Hype: Practical Strategies for Emerging Tech in Architecture’

Iasa Global, the world’s leading professional association for technology, business, and enterprise architects, will host a powerful new BIL-T Conference on May 16, which will address “Navigating the Hype: Practical Strategies for Emerging Tech in Architecture.”

To register for the event, visit https://meet.zoho.eu/ydq2XUli3m

Overall, the theme of the event revolves around the “landscape of technology” and how it is evolving “at a breakneck pace, with many hyped technologies such as Generative AI, Cloud to the Edge for IoT devices, Digital Twins and Quantum Computing grabbing headlines, architects and tech leaders must distinguish between fleeting trends and game-changing innovations. In this focused BIL-T conference, we delve into the world’s most hyped technologies, providing concrete examples of where the noise is loudest. We’ll equip you with practical strategies and tools to cut through this hype, ensuring you have a future-proof architecture that is both innovative and grounded in real-world applicability. Join us for an engaging exploration of how to harness these emerging technologies in a way addresses current challenges and paves the way for tangible, impactful advancements in your organization.”

Among the topics are:

A Cautiously Optimistic Journey to GenAI

James Wilt

Voraciously Curious Distinguished Architect

How you approach disruptive & emerging technologies will directly affect the level of benefit/reward once engaged with it. It is far too easy to engage early only to be burned by either trusting too soon in its maturity or missing out on its abilities. On the Technology axis, we’ll journey down a unique path of Drink-the-Kool Aid – Break-the-Mold – Engage Optimally. On the Human Dynamics axis, we’ll leverage learnings to navigate skeptics, opposers, and fanatics and then choose those who are best to lead innovative initiatives.
Finally, we wrap it in an approach framework that establishes the ability to make directional decisions with confidence through inside to outside prioritization.

Emerging Technology and Evaluating Impact

Paul Preiss

CEO & Founder of Iasa: The Global Architect Profession

In this session, we will discuss using the BTABoK structured canvas approach to evaluate technology for its impact on our business and technology landscape.

Tools under discussion
– Using sensing and future casting in understanding emerging technology
– Using business cases and OKRs to evaluate investment prioritization
– Using Decision Records to understand product and pattern application in solution design

The Morning After: Managing Sprawl And Debt

Charles Betz

VP Principal Analyst

As the tech boom slows and economic challenges rise, it’s crucial to reassess and streamline your tech portfolio. Complexities in supply chains, reduced leverage, and security risks grow as products diversify, making rationalization key in tight financial times. Achieving this isn’t straightforward due to data management difficulties and underestimated risks from even minor or open-source solutions. Charles Betz, Forrester Analyst with extensive experience, offers insights into navigating these complexities.

Multi-Cloud Intelligence: A Multi-Dimensional AI Architecture

Ayisha Tabbassum

Certified Multi-Cloud Architecture Enthusiast

Embark on a transformative journey through the cosmos of technology with “Multi-Cloud Intelligence: A Multi-Dimensional AI Architecture.” This captivating exploration unveils a symphony of possibilities where artificial intelligence meets the dynamic realms of multiple cloud environments. Imagine a landscape where AI evolves in multi-dimensions, seamlessly navigating diverse cloud providers to orchestrate an intelligent ecosystem. It’s more than an architecture; it’s a dynamic fusion of computational dimensions, propelling us into a future where AI adapts, collaborates, and thrives across the interconnected horizons of the multi-cloud universe. Join us in unraveling the multi-dimensional tapestry of innovation, where intelligence knows no bounds and the potential for transformative breakthroughs is limitless.

FinOps for Startups: Launch Your Cloud Rocket Without Burning Fuel

Neel Shah

Devops Community Guy

Startups are notorious for their bootstrapping spirit, but when it comes to cloud adoption, uncontrolled spending can quickly extinguish the fire of innovation. This session will empower startups to embrace FinOps as the mission control for their cloud journey, optimizing costs without sacrificing growth. We’ll explore practical strategies to:

– Build a cost-conscious culture where engineers and finance teams collaborate seamlessly.
– Identify and eliminate resource waste through proactive monitoring and optimization.
– Choose the right tools to automate cost management and enable informed decision-making.
– Implement scalable FinOps practices that adapt to evolving needs and ambitions.
– Master rightsizing to ensure resources align perfectly with business demands.
– Unlock multi-cloud optimization to leverage the best of multiple providers.
– Learn from real-world startup success stories that demonstrate the power of FinOps.

For more details, visit https://bilt.iasaglobal.org/navigating-the-hype/