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New EA Resources

Architecture & Governance Magazine was launched more than a decade ago. By all accounts, it has been a successful run. Except for one thing. It never REALLY had a home. Oh sure, there was a place to subscribe, or access the most recent issue. But nothing like the site you are on now.

The new architectureandgovernance.com has been almost a year in the making. On the site, you can access the most popular past issues as well as search the archive for a specific issue, or by keyword.   Articles have also been slotted into various categories to make them easier to find, or if want, you can simply thumb through the articles by title.

Just as importantly, architectureandgovernance.com is the platform for our new blog. This should be your daily stop where you will find concise, informative, posts written by enterprise architects, analysts, and other EA thought leaders – all edited to be read in 5 minutes or so.

Finally, we invite your commentary and ideas. After all, architectureandgovernance.com belongs to you. We are just the caretakers. So please, take it for a spin and share the launch with your peers using the social buttons below.