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How Architects Make Decisions

February 17, 2021 Mark Greville 0

The remarkable Herbert Simon won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1978 and the Turing Medal in 1975. Reading about his life gives me a panic attack when I consider how little I have achieved […]

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George Paras Talks EA – Part One

October 4, 2017 Holt Hackney 0

George Paras has made a living being unconventional. Need proof? Take a look at his bio  on the website of his company, EAdirections. Paras, whose stature as a thought leader in the enterprise architecture space […]

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A Place to Call Home – A&

August 30, 2017 Holt Hackney 0

Architecture & Governance Magazine was launched more than a decade ago. By all accounts, it has been a successful run. Except for one thing. It never REALLY had a home. Oh sure, there was a […]