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Applications & Technology

Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Transformation

February 11, 2022 Kumar Gaurav 0

The pressure on an organisation to transform has never been more tremendous. Organisations are already facing a long list of complex and ambiguous challenges, and those that do not accelerate their transformation journeys now risk […]

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Applications & Technology

Slow Down !! Cloud is Not for Everyone

February 2, 2022 Shammy Narayanan 0

Embracing a Cloud model motivated by a feisty and fierce marketing campaign is like an “Eskimo buying a refrigerator.” The sales team successfully instills an elevated fear of missing out and rushes us toward decision […]

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Applications & Technology

The Cloud Continuum

September 15, 2021 Gaurav Aggarwal 0

Organizations are reinventing their futures amid exceptional situations. Nowadays, change has become the new ordinary. That is why so many firms are reinventing themselves and moving systems and apps to the Cloud. And they’re doing it […]