Applications & Technology

Approach to Enterprise Reference Architecture

November 9, 2022 Holt Hackney 1

By Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara Reference architecture provides needed architectural information that can be provided in advance to an enterprise to enable consistent architectural best practices. Enterprise Reference Architecture helps business owners to actualize their […]

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Applications & Technology

What to Expect with IoT in 2023

November 2, 2022 Holt Hackney 1

By Ken Figueredo, oneM2M MARCOMs Advisor In the wake of multi-trillion-dollar projections and hype about billions of connected devices from ten years ago, the internet of things (IoT) has lost much of its excitement. Now, […]

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Applications & Technology

Visualisation Builds Bridges

October 31, 2022 Holt Hackney 1

By Jonathan Whelan In this article I follow up on my previous article (Using Models to Create Shared Meaning) on the importance of models to help create shared meaning in transformation initiatives. Again, I include […]

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Applications & Technology

Considerations for a Future Fit Technology Environment

October 21, 2022 Holt Hackney 1

By Lizette Robbertze, Organization Optimization Architect and Digital Strategist “We cannot solve problems using the same thinking when creating them” – Albert Einstein Businesses with ambitions for exponential growth and performance excellence must outperform competitors […]

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Applications & Technology

Metaverse: Is It Real or an Illusion?

October 19, 2022 Holt Hackney 1

By Jay Jayamohan You know that ‘virtual’ is remarkably close to ‘illusion’ and ‘augmented reality’ is another word for ‘where things appear to be present.’ So, the question is does metaverse provide solutions to real […]