When It's Okay to Fail
Elevating EA

When It’s Okay to Fail

February 4, 2019 Shane Chagpar and Drew Crist 0

By now, most business leaders will identify information technology as a strategic function. No longer relegated to the background as a cost-center or necessary part of doing business, IT is taking its rightful place at […]

Binding Business and Architecture
Elevating EA

Importance of Binding Business and System Architecture

February 6, 2018 Rob Byrd 0

Too many business leaders dismiss architectures because they’re too complicated and/or appear too focused on information technology. Our challenge is to create understandable architectures with the right balance of business and technology focused on delivering […]

enterprise architecture and business analysis
Strategy & Planning

Combining EA with Business Analysis

November 15, 2015 Dr. Michelle Supper 0

IT has revolutionized the business world. Initially, an organization’s software is carefully selected, well-ordered, and fit for purpose, but as the years go by, the organization’s application holdings grow organically. Inevitably, its application landscapes become […]

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Strategy & Planning

Seasons of Architecture

August 15, 2015 Mike Baker 0

During the time I led an IT enterprise architecture program for a large technology company, we developed an annual cycle of architecture activities. They naturally evolved into four seasons of activities that aligned with the […]