Kevin Donovan Named to Chief Architect Forum Board; Shares His Vision

The Chief Architect Forum (CAF) announced recently that Chief Architect Kevin Donovan, of WVE (weave) – a business technology strategy consulting and advisory organization dedicated to the highest levels of architectural transformation, has been named to its Board,

The announcement was welcomed by many industry observers, including Paul Preiss, the CEO of Iasa Global, which started CAF last year.

“Kevin’s remarkable achievements in the field make him the ideal candidate to help guide CAF as the preeminent community in the world for chief architects,” said Preiss.

CAF, like its sister organization Women in Architecture, hosts events all over the world, furthering its mission of sharing best practices among chief architects in the private and public sector.

What follows is a short interview with Donovan:

Question: What does the Chief Architect Forum represent to you?

Answer: The Chief Architect Forum is a vibrant community dedicated to advancing the practice of IT architecture. It’s a space where professionals and peers can share knowledge, discuss challenges, and develop the practice. To me, it embodies collaboration, continuous learning, and the collective pursuit of excellence in IT architecture.Kevin d

Q: What do you hope to gain by joining the Board of Chief Architect Forum?

A: In joining the Board of the Chief Architect Forum, I hope to gain deeper insights into and multiple perspectives on the evolving landscape of IT architecture and contribute to shaping its future. I will broaden my professional network, engage with thought leaders, and collaborate on initiatives that improve the Architecture practice. Additionally, I aim to enhance my leadership skills and hope to make a meaningful impact on the profession.

Q: What are you most looking forward to during your tenure on the Chief Architect Forum board?

A: During my tenure on the Chief Architect Forum board, I am most looking forward to collaborating with fellow board members to set strategic directions and initiatives that benefit our community. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to high-quality content and events that foster our growth as a profession. Moreover, I anticipate the chance to mentor and support emerging IT architects, helping to cultivate the next generation of leaders in our field.