Collaborating with the Marketing Side

enterprise architecture & marketing

Enterprise architects (EAs) have a tremendous opportunity in the coming years to lead a complete digital transformation of their organization. Not only should they need to focus on their customers’ rapidly evolving needs and expectations to succeed, but they should also collaborate with folks on the marketing side of the house. After all, marketing teams manage the majority of customer-facing digital initiatives.

Under this premise, we set out to create the Spring 2016 issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine. Within these pages, you will find a piece by Allen Brown, the interim CEO of the Association of Enterprise Architects, who writes about the nuts and bolts of the relationship between EAs and marketing professionals.

Next up is the article of Jeff Ellerbee of Planview, who writes about the role of perception in bridging the gap between EAs and their marketing counterparts. Ellerbee bases his article on a recently conducted survey, which holds “interesting implications for EA teams across all industries, especially industries experiencing high levels of disruption.”

The third article, “Finding Value in Data and Digital Transformation,” is written by frequent contributor Monte Rummer, a critical services engineer for General Electric–Global Operations. Rummer writes about making “IT services a commodity, which allows the business to know the costs and understand the business value of IT,” among other things.

Finally, it is worth noting that Forrester will be hosting “Digital Transformation 2016,” a conference that will show attendees how “to accelerate your business technology.”

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