Ardoq Announces Ardoq Amplify 2022 Event in Oslo and New York

Ardoq, a SaaS company reinventing Enterprise Architecture (EA) for today’s digital enterprise, today announced Ardoq Amplify 2022, a hybrid event held in Oslo, Norway, and New York City on June 7, 2022. Highlighting the democratization of decision making, the event will bring together hundreds of Enterprise Architects, IT professionals and leaders responsible for driving business change to learn, share best practices, and connect.

he event will feature hyper-focused sessions on the latest trends in digital business design, customer stories, interactive discussions, live Q&As and a product launch that will revolutionize how EA is consumed and shared across the enterprise.

Speakers, who will be on-site in Oslo and livestreamed in New York, include:

  • Whynde Kuehn, Founder and Managing director, S2E Transformation
  • Bubba Puryear, Enterprise Architect, Arch Insurance Group
  • Erik Bakstad, CEO and Co-Founder, Ardoq

Ardoq’s VP of Product, Ian Stendera, will be at the New York event for an “Ask the Expert” session where he will provide insights on common challenges to democratizing EA and tips to overcome them, discuss the vision behind Ardoq’s latest product, and answer audience questions. Stendera and the Ardoq team will also provide live 1:1 demos of their newest product launch, Discover, to be unveiled on June 7.

In Oslo, Ardoq Product Strategist Ed Granger will be on-site for an “Ask the Expert” session as well as 1:1 product demos.

“Ardoq gives architects a wonderful meta-modeling platform,” said Bubba Puryear, Enterprise Architect at Arch Insurance Group. “Discover scales it to all your stakeholders to explore, leverage and even maintain your data. Discover quickens your models into living, breathing interactive solutions to real problems.”

The event kicks off at 9:00am EDT/15:00 CET in New York, Oslo and online. To learn more and to register, visit the event page.