Leading North American Colleges and Universities Offering IT Education that You Need to Know About -Part 2

Part I appeared here on Monday.

By Tim Green

National Defense University

The Washington D.C.-based university’s College of Information and Cyberspace offers a four-course architect certificate and an eight-course enterprise architect certificate. Click here for more information.

National University

The La Jolla, Calif., university offers an enterprise architecture course as part of its College of Professional Studies’ computer science program. It explores the design, selection, implementation and management of enterprise IT solutions. The focus is on applications and infrastructure and their fit with the business. Students learn frameworks and strategies for infrastructure management, system administration, data/information architecture, content management, distributed computing, middleware, legacy system integration, system consolidation, software selection, total cost of ownership calculation, IT investment analysis, and emerging technologies. Click here for more information.

Northeastern University

The Boston-based university offers an Enterprise Architecture Planning and Management course as part of its Information Systems Program. Defines IT strategies for implementing business-driven and company-wide technology-based modernization programs. The course also offers students an opportunity to learn how to construct enterprise architectures and use them as road maps to budget scarce capital investment resources to IT development projects. Click here for more information.

Penn State University

The university offers an online Master of Professional Studies in Enterprise Architecture program. The EA degree is not focused solely on the technocentric side of enterprise architecture; it is an interdisciplinary degree that covers business and engineering, information sciences, and project or portfolio management, offering participants a broader, more comprehensive perspective. Click here for more information.

Queen’s University

Queen’s University, based in Kingston, Ontario, offers a Software Architecture course as part of its Software Design Specialization program in its School of Computing. The course provides instruction on abstractions and patterns of interactions and relationships among modules as well as design recovery and how architecture relates to requirements and testing. The software program also offers a course on game architecture. For more information click here.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The New York-based university offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science. In 2018, the incoming freshman class of computer science majors was the largest for any major in the 194-year history of Rensselaer. The university’s degree requirements enable students to focus on specific computer science topics and provide opportunities for open-source software development. Click here for more information

Ryerson University

The Toronto university’s Chang School of Continuing Education offers an enterprise architecture certificate program via both online and in-class learning with university-level degree credit courses. It offers students the opportunity to apply all, or most, of the credit earned through the certificate as transfer credits to the BComm program at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, subject to admission. Click here for more information.

Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, Canada’s Simon Fraser University covers software architecture in its software systems program. A course is devoted specifically to Web system architecture and its differences and similarities compared to conventional software. The course also differentiates in how web-based and traditional software systems are developed. The course requires students to build a web-based application as a project. Click here for more information.

Stevens Institute of Technology

The New Jersey-based university provides a graduate certificate in enterprise architecture and governance that applies traditional systems and engineering approaches to a broader class of human-centric systems of which a technical system is only one part. Click here for more information.

Technological University of Corregidora

The Technological University of Corregidora in the state of Queretaro in Mexico offers a multi-semester program in software architecture. After conclusion of the program, students should be able to design software systems, evaluate technologies, and make changes to existing systems. Click here for more information.

 Technological University of Tulancingo

The Technological University of Tulancingo in the state of Hidalgo in Mexico offers a course of study that leads to the title of Software Architecture Engineer as part of its software engineering program. Its software architecture courses delve into the organization and architecture of digital systems, engineering, and software programs. Click here for more information.

University of Denver

The Colorado university offers an EA course for students to learn how to integrate information and communications technologies to support business goals. The course provides an overview of the global, enterprise-wide architectural framework that drives business decisions regarding selection and implementation of ICT systems and solutions. Topics include supporting and transforming global value chains; e-business designs; creating enterprise architecture; and the various methodologies, tools and techniques used in the design and implementation of the enterprise architecture. Click here for more information.

University of Michigan, Flint

The course is focused on the design, selection, implementation and management of enterprise IT solutions; the fit of applications and infrastructure within an organization.  Infrastructure management, system administration, data architecture, content management, distributed computing, middleware, legacy system integration, system consolidation, software selection, cost calculation, investment analysis, emerging technologies. Click here for more information.

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California in Los Angeles offers a graduate certificate in software architecture. The 17-unit program, hosted in USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering, covers concepts, principles, and state-of-the-art methods in software architectures. It applies software engineering process models and management approaches for design and architecture of large software systems. The course can apply toward the master’s degree in computer science offered by USC. Click here for more information.

University of Toronto

The Canadian university’s school of continuing studies provides a certificate with three required courses. They’re designed to provide participants with ways to align business strategy with IT, sustain business growth and ensure good governance and best practices are being applied. Students also discover various accepted methodologies. Click here for more information.

University of Washington, Tacoma

UW offers a Foundations of EA course to students in the masters in computer science and systems program. It covers basic aspects of both enterprise and architectural thinking, including the software to technology to solution architecture continuum, role of EA in business and IT alignment, architectural styles and techniques for capturing and documenting architectures. A following course focuses on strategy development, use of standard frameworks for EA and experiential learning through case study and project. Click here for more information.

University of Maryland, global campus

A study of enterprise architecture and frameworks, including the transition of current business processes and functional systems to an enterprise solution. The aim is to analyze how enterprise architecture and resulting enterprise systems support an organization’s ability to adapt and respond to a continually changing business and competitive environment. Click here for more information.

Green is a seasoned business journalist with more than 30 years of experience.