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Strategy & Planning

Consider Better Agile Architecture

November 3, 2021 Paul Preiss 0

In many of our recent engagements we have been working with our corporate members on their Agile Architecture @ Scale practice. This includes many of their developers and product owners. And while I expect all […]

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Elevating Architecture

The Quantum Enigma and the Project Leader

October 25, 2021 Thomas Wise 0

Business– the business of daily operations – the business of change – the business of life – all business generates data upon which leaders rely. One might say that managers are in the business of […]

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Strategy & Planning

Agile Architecture – A Short Case Study

January 15, 2021 David Taylor 0

What does Agile architecture look like in practice? What does architecture at pace mean? What is a full stack architect? One of my colleagues, Phil Williams, shares his story from the sharp end.  Starting up a Start-up  […]