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Strategy & Planning

Risk and the Technology Architect

May 3, 2021 David Taylor 0

What was it that first drew you in to a career in technology? For me, perhaps like you, I was excited by the technology itself and possibilities it created. The prospect of working with leading […]

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Elevating Architecture

The Power of Focus

April 12, 2021 David Taylor 0

There is an apocryphal tale of Warren Buffett and his pilot Mike Flint that beautifully illustrates the power of focus. According to legend, the conversation went something along these lines. Mike was celebrating ten years […]

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Elevating Architecture

A Passion to Make Architecture Count

February 1, 2021 David Taylor 0

There is perhaps no such thing as a typical architect, although there are some themes that we all have in common. I am sure one of those themes is a passion to make architecture count.  With […]

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Strategy & Planning

Agile Architecture – A Short Case Study

January 15, 2021 David Taylor 0

What does Agile architecture look like in practice? What does architecture at pace mean? What is a full stack architect? One of my colleagues, Phil Williams, shares his story from the sharp end.  Starting up a Start-up  […]

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Strategy & Planning

What is the Value of IT Architecture?

November 6, 2020 David Taylor 0

Looking out over the IT landscape it is easy to draw a conclusion that IT architecture is not as valued today as it has been in the past. The growth of engineering has significantly outpaced the growth […]