Mike Walker Takes the Future by Storm in His Return to the Pages of A&G

The future of business is rapidly changing, and digital ecosystems are a major force driving it. From now to 2025 digital ecosystems will represent approximately $60 trillion in global revenue from all industries around the globe. Organizations have a tremendous opportunity to take a concept that has 2% global market share to approximately 30% by 2025 

This is why Mike Walker, an entrepreneur, futurist, and an author with more than 25 years of experience in emerging technologies, innovation management, and business strategy, wrote his most recent book — Rewire! Using the Digital Ecosystem Playbook to Reinvent Your Business. 

Currently at Microsoft, Walker leads the cross-industry digital ecosystems innovation team. Previously, he worked at Gartner as a Vice President of Technology Innovation research where his thought leadership is reflected in more than 150 published research notes and more than 5,000 client engagements. 

And before that Dell, which is where we last caught up with him – https://www.architectureandgovernance.com/strategy-planning/mike-walker-talks-business-architecture-best-practices-using/ 

We visited with Walker again recently, securing his promise to bring some of his insights back to the pages of A&G in the coming months. 

In the meantime, we are excited to share the availability of the aforementioned book, which Walker told us will “demystify digital ecosystem frameworks and introduce their capacity to enable high-value business partner exchanges, what that means for the future of doing business, and how to understand markets through a digital ecosystem lens. 

A grand ambition, indeed. But we would expect nothing less from one of the industry’s brightest lights. 

Walker goes on to note that the book will help readers “better understand digital ecosystems and how to create strategies for them. 

Packed with detailed illustrations and best practices from his digital ecosystem experiences both at Gartner and Microsoft over the past five years, this book provides approachable and actionable tools that will help organizations understand and embrace digital ecosystems in a rapid and digestible way.  

Two early reviews affirm the book’s promise: 

Rewire! Using the Digital Ecosystem Strategy Playbook to Transform Your Business is an insightful guide that simplifies and demystifies digital ecosystems. This book will ground you in how to make the right decisions for your business, starting with purpose.”  

Judson Althoff – Corporate VP of Microsoft Commercial Business 

“In a time of digital transformation and disruption, Mike has written a great book that can help everyone better understand how to design and build the right digital ecosystem and governance model for their organization.” 

Dr. Jonathan Reichental – CEO of Human Future, Professor, and Author 

How to Buy the Book 

Rewire! Using the Digital Ecosystem Playbook to Reinvent Your Business” will be available to the general public on January 26th, 2021 on AmazonBarnes and NobleWalmartTargetGoogle BooksApple Books, and many others.  


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