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Elevating Architecture

Possible Futures for Enterprise Architecture

November 15, 2013 Mark Bodman 0

As I envision where enterprise architecture will go in the future, parallel activities in meteorology come to mind: how similar the enterprise architecture role is to meteorology and how predicting the future for our occupation […]

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Elevating Architecture

Best of the Blog: EA is FREE

August 15, 2013 Ben Geller 0

I recently had a conversation with a trusted member of the analyst community. We were reflecting on the current state of enterprise architecture and were comparing notes on the many discussions we each had over […]

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Elevating Architecture

Many Factors Highlight the Value of EA

May 15, 2012 Len Fehskens 0

THE MANY POSSIBLE VALUE PROPOSITIONS OF ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Like beauty, a value proposition lies in the eye of the beholder, but the value proposition for enterprise architecture (EA) is, like love, a many-splendored thing. The […]