Iasa Global Announces Prestigious Team of Contributing Editors for A&G Magazine

Contributing editors write articles from time to time as well as leverage their network and provide thought leadership opportunities in A&G to qualified candidates.

Iasa Global, the world’s leading professional association for business technology architects, announced today a team of new contributing editors for Architecture & Governance Magazine.

Contributing editors (CEs) write articles from time to time as well as leverage their network and provide thought leadership opportunities in A&G to qualified candidates. The position is voluntary, though the team at A&G plans to raise that status from voluntary to paid (through revenue sharing) later this year.

The new CEs include:

  • Aigars Macins, Practice Lead Solution Architecture, Emergn
  • Benjamin Woenig, CEO / Founder at Visione Group
  • Chris Haddad, Chief Architect at Karux LLC
  • Juan Mestas, Chief Architect for a Dubai Crown Company
  • Julie Choo, Founder of Stratability
  • Krasimir Baylov, Managing Partner, Intway
  • Nandakumar Sivaraman, Associate Vice President, Emtec Technologies

“This is a natural evolution from when we took over the publishing reins of A&G 18 months ago,” said Paul Preiss, the CEO and founder of Iasa Global. “We currently have a steady flow of insightful content distributing through the pages of A&G. We want to increase our coverage, and this is the best way to do that.”

Preiss added that “these architects are emblematic of the kind of professionals that we are seeking for A&G. They bring an energy and outside-the-box thinking that will greatly serve our readers,” Preiss said.

An announcement of more CEs will be forthcoming, according to Preiss.

A&G was founded 15 years ago by Troux Technologies, which sought to create a unique community around enterprise architects. Initially a print publication, A&G went online eight years ago after Troux was acquired by PlanView. Hackney has been the managing editor all 15 years of the publication’s life. Today, it is supported by advertising and occasional sponsored content.

About Iasa Global

Founded in 2002, Iasa Global is a world leading professional association for technology, business, and enterprise architects. Iasa is the preeminent knowledge-based association focused on the IT architecture profession through the advancement of best practices and education. Iasa delivers programs and services to develop highly qualified BT architects of all levels. Over fifteen years, Iasa has also developed, with the help of practicing & certified architects from around the world, a comprehensive BT Architecture Body of Knowledge.

Iasa believes in “Architecture Driven Digital Advantage”, the profound and accelerating outcome from business activities, processes, competencies, and models which fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies, digital business models, digital operations, and digital customer experiences driven from modern architecture skillsets, tools, and techniques. Iasa has decades of experience assisting organizations around the world in developing their digital practices, growing the architect skills they require in both technical and business staff and helping them gain digital advantage from those skills. For more information on Iasa and the services it provides organizations please contact us at: sales@iasaglobal.org