Business Change, Business Design, Enterprise Architecture

It’s all about reimagining and redesigning

What role do you think enterprise design plays in the following business scenario?

“Reimagine and redesign the inner workings of the operations, enabling the business to deliver on the corporate strategy, achieve cost and performance efficiencies and identify and capture growth opportunities for the future.”

My money is on – the EA profession plays a pretty major role …

How much reimagining and redesigning is going on in your EA practise?

Are the team designing with the overall corporate goals and principles in mind?

Can you point to how your team is identifying savings?

Are the who and why of the areas for growth clear enough to enable the capturing of the changes needed to drive it?

It’s a challenging role:

  • The ability for many to be able to reimagine a new world can be constraining the designs.
  • The clarity on the cost levers of the business model can be vague and ambiguous.
  • The knowledge of the market problems that the business aim to solve can be sketchy.
  • How can your team address these challenges and play a role in the strategic execution?

Some food for thought …

  1. Start with a hypothesis on the rationale and areas for change.
  2. Establish some form of framework or series of reference models to be able to capture the “as is” and “what next.”

3 Get out and listen to as many people as possible, (that can be rocket fuel for the reimagining phase).

  1. Make friends with the line of business leads/product owners, finance and HR.
  2. Reach out to an external EA network and gain strength from those that are facing the same challenge.

When it all comes together, when discussions that reimagine a business lead to buy in to change and when the organisation executes on the decisions made, you know you’ve been part of making organisational history and are on the path to a redesigned business.