Lambert Finds Success Guiding Companies Down a Path of Digital Transformation

Lambert Finds Success Guiding Companies Down a Path of Digital Transformation

To say Daniel Lambert keeps a busy schedule would be a massive understatement.

Among the many companies the business architect represents are Business Architecture Info (his own venture), EA Principals and Benchmark Consulting.

Then again, he is used to wearing a lot of hats. A self-described start-up venture capitalist, the Montreal native is arguably a serial entrepreneur, who happens to be an IT Architect. We wanted to learn more about what he is up to so, we conducted the following interview.

Question: How did you get your start as a business architect?

Answer: I started practicing business architecture at Benchmark Consulting in 2014. We assisted in the growth of many large corporations over the years, including Bristol Myers Squibb, FedEx, Regeneron, the TD Bank, among others. This led to gaining business architecture experience in several industries, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc.

Q: What led you to join EA Principals?

A: Steve Else, the CEO of EA Principals, wanted to provide industry-based EA courses. We ended up building and offering together TOGAF-Based Agile Business Architecture courses for 9 specific industries with industry-specific business architecture frameworks and examples that I’ve built over the years. The first course occurred last year in April for the Financial Services industry. We’ve provided several since for the insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, energy & utilities, and manufacturing industries.

Q: What do you do for EA Principals?

A: I’ve built and I’m now providing the TOGAF-Based Agile Business Architecture courses for 9 specific industries. These courses are either public or private. Starting in 2023, we intend to help in the implementation of more customer-driven business architecture practices, making business and enterprise architecture practice valuation, assisting in strategy clarification and dissemination, providing product/service architecture, enhancing business capability modeling and assessment, and even architect better application/system rationalization for our clients.

Q: Who are your typical students or clients?

A: Most of our students work for large organizations with over 5,000 employees. Most have an IT background and are interested in becoming more strategic within their organization. So far, students that have attended our course come from firms like the Federal Reserve Bank, Grant Thornton, JP Morgan Chase, Kuka, Lululemon, the Moffitt Cancer Center, Pfizer, Porsche USA, Scotia Bank, Seagen, Surescripts, Victaulic, UnitedHealth Group and many more.

Students find these courses very grounded and useful in their day-to-day job. Here’s a sample of what they’ve written about the course:


Q: What is the best part of the job?

A: I get to meet a lot of very interesting people. They know a lot and yet are very eager to learn more. My contact list has never been as important as it is today.

Q: What are some of the trends in EA that you anticipate for 2023 and beyond?

A: I strongly believe that EAs need to become more accountable and need to justify their practice within their organization more now than ever, just like anyone else in the organization. They need to become central in the planning ecosystem of their firm allowing corporate strategists, products managers, HR, finance, data architects, applications architects, IT architects, business analysts, process experts, and agile experts to work more cohesively in planning, prioritizing, delivering and executing their organization’s digital transformation projects successfully.


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