A Way for EAs to Broaden Their Value to the Organization

It has been emphasized in these pages before and it will be emphasized again, the last thing an enterprise architect needs to do is operate in a silo. Adopting such an insular style means that co-workers and c-level executives alike will lack an appreciation for the work that he or she is doing.

There is a better way.

Does your strategy depend on successful delivery of technology initiatives to delight customers, increase revenue, and differentiate your company from competitors?

Is technology an enabler for the business capabilities you need to implement strategy?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions and you are involved in technology planning or technology delivery, then you should consider watching this on-demand webinar entitled “Accelerate Strategic Change with Capability and Technology Management.”

“The Capability and Technology Management (CTM) application is a mature approach to EA, one that emerged in 2015 after Planview acquired Troux,” said Planview’s Solutions Evangelist Jeff Ellerbee. “At the time, Planview possessed a market-leading Portfolio and Resource Management solution, while Troux had a powerful EA solution. Planview recognized this synergistic opportunity, resulting in the creation of the CTM application. This solution integrates strategic planning and execution with complete insight into architecture and technology.”

During the Webinar, Ellerbee explains why CTM is a critical discipline for EAs and Project Portfolio Managers, who want to accelerate delivery of technology strategy in their organizations.

You will see CTM in action and learn:

  • Why everyone involved with choosing, planning and delivering technology change should be using Capability and Technology Management.
  • How taking a portfolio approach to managing technology helps you make better, more strategic decisions at the speed of business.
  • Why traditional EA modeling alone can slow you down.

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