Speakers to Explore ‘Artificial Intelligence: Today and Tomorrow’ on July 8 as Part of Business Innovation Leadership and Technology Conference Series

Iasa Global, the world’s leading professional association for technology, business, and enterprise architects and producer of the Business Innovation Leadership and Technology Conference Series, will host Artificial Intelligence: Today and Tomorrow on July 8.

Beginning at 9 a.m. Central US time (UTC – 05:00), the one-day virtual event will explore the possibilities and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) from multiple facets: business, government, technology, people, governance and ethics, society, and wellbeing. This event takes a practical look at AI today through case studies that highlight how organizations are using artificial intelligence to build business value today. The event will also highlight essential perspectives on AI for tomorrow to help us design and prepare for the future. This unique event will feature a broad spectrum of perspectives and voices, from business and government leaders to technology vendors to global thought leaders.

The agenda kicks off with a keynote delivered by Priyansha Mishra, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft, titled Do No Harm – A Checklist for Responsible AI. The session will explain the guiding principles of Responsible AI and showcase demos of the tools and technology Microsoft offers to put these principles into action. This will be a detailed technical discussion with demos intended to be a L200-L300 session.

Among the other presentations are:

  • Bias and Fairness in AI (Somaieh Nikpoor, Research Advisor -AI/ML);
  • Online Training for Security Knowledge to Fight Cyberattacks (Chinmaya Mishra, Lead Data Scientist, Microsoft);
  • How to Identify Capabilities that Could/Should Leverage AI to Positively Impact the Business (Dan Hebda, Chief Strategy Officer at Mega);
  • AI: Built to Scale and Compete (Gaurav Aggarwal, Vice President, Avanade Inc.);
  • Why You Need an AI Center of Excellence to Accelerate Innovation (Ben Wright-Jones, Solution Architect, Microsoft Services – Azure Cloud & AI);
  • Extract Text from Objects Using Cognitive Services (Steve Pucelik, Sr Customer Engineer, Microsoft);
  • Fireside Chat: Enterprise AI Management Principles (Mark Montgomery, Founder & CEO, KYield);
  • AI in Retail (Richard Halter, President, Global Retail Technology Advisors llc);
  • Fireside Chat: Leadership – Is it still the weakest link in safely introducing Ai into healthcare in Australia? (A/Prof. Paul Cooper, A/prof. Health Informatics Management);
  • Invest in Collaboration, Automate Insights, Prevent Extinction (Tanya Stere, Director of Product);
  • AI Accountability (Joseph Williams, Seattle Director, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); and
  • No code AI/ML Platform (Bhagvan Kommadi, Director of Product Eng., ValueMomentum).

“We’re very excited about this conference, which includes one of the best cast of speakers that we have ever presented,” said Paul Preiss, CEO, Iasa Global. “The topics they will address are vital to any technologist, whose practice even touches on AI.”

To sign up for the conference, visit Global conversations on Business Innovation Leadership and Technology (iasaglobal.org).


About the BIL-T Conference Series

The Business Innovation Leadership and Technology (BIL-T) conference series is a place for global conversations and debate on essential perspectives and how to make a better future. The event covers a wide range of relevant and visionary topics. It brings together the people who are designing the future: architects, business and technology leaders, futurists, and other world changers.

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