IASA Global to Launch “IASA en Español”

By creating a Spanish edition of the Architecture & Governance Magazine for the Hispanic-LatinX community, IASA Global embraces the international growth of the industry.

IASA Global, the world’s leading professional association for business technology architects, announced today the creation of “IASA en Español”, the Spanish Edition of the Architecture & Governance Magazine (A&G), a highly respected magazine that will cater to the Hispanic-LatinX community. In addition, the association will be offering online events, executive interviews, support local communities, and activities for Spanish speaking Technology Architects.

Several times a month, the editors of A&G will publish insightful articles written in Spanish and will be increasing the frequency of such articles throughout the year. These articles will cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from enterprise and solutions architecture to application portfolio management to digital transformation, and many, many more.

Leading the editorial effort will be Pablo Junco, a Senior Director leading the Data & AI Practice in Microsoft Latin America (former ex-CTO) and the first Latino certified as IASA CITA-D. Pablo will be supported by a multi-national and diversified group of architecture leadership.

We have been exploring the idea of creating a Spanish version of A&G for some time,” said Paul Preiss, CEO, IASA Global. “The missing piece was finding a respected leader in the technology arena, who has both passion and credibility in the international community to make this initiative a success. We have found that in Pablo Junco.

Supporting Mr. Junco in the initiative are five “Ambassadors” for “IASA en Español” (https://es.iasaglobal.org/comunidad/ ):

  1. Silvia Leal (Scientific-Digital Evangelist & PhD Speaker)
  2. Carlos Delgado (Entrepreneur, Software Architect & President of IASA Spain)
  3. Leyla Alvarez (CTO at Toyota Chile and active contributor to the Woman in Tech community in Latin America)
  4. William Martinez (R&D Manager & President of IASA Costa Rica)
  5. Natalie Gil (CTO of AUNA, Board Member of Latinas in Computing, and Top 50 IT influencers in Latin America)

I commend IASA Global for recognizing the importance of embracing the international community, and not just technology professionals whose primarily language is English,” said Junco. “When I raised this idea, the organization’s leadership eagerly embraced it, and together we made it a reality. I’m excited and proud to lead the initiative to help the Spanish speaking architects and all the woman in technology.

The official launch of the web is expected on May 15. Those who would like to write and collaborate with “IASA en Español”, should visit the following link: https://es.iasaglobal.org/colabora/

The international initiative is one of many being undertaken by IASA Global. Over the next couple months, A&G will create a companion to the article that it published this winter, which looked at 20 top solutions architecture programs at colleges and universities in the United States, for the international community.

In addition, Preiss said IASA Global will introduce other international editions, after learning all it can from the launch of “IASA en Español”.

This is a momentous occasion for IASA Global and A&G,” said Preiss. “Our goal is to blur the lines that divide us and make this one global community for business technology architects.

About IASA Global

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