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Digital Transformation

Dealing in the ‘Currency of Change’

October 11, 2021 Jonathan Whelan 0

Many organizations have a ‘currency of change’ – a unit which forms the focal point of the majority of changes that they make. Typical examples of currencies of change are products, services, customer interactions, business […]

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Digital Transformation

Visualizing Digital Transformation

June 25, 2021 Jonathan Whelan 0

This is my third article on the subject of digital transformation. In the first article (Digital transformation: Engaging for Success) I discussed the importance of engaging people to achieving successful digital transformation. In the second […]

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation: Engaging for Success

March 1, 2021 Jonathan Whelan 0

Organizations around the world collectively invest trillions of dollars on ‘digital transformation’ – making changes to their products and services, their operations, their technology infrastructure and the way that they interact with customers, suppliers and partners. Their intention is to […]