SFIA Updates Reference List of Bodies of Knowledge, Highlighting the Importance of BTABoK

enterprise architecture strategy

Building on the recent launch of the latest iteration of the Business Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge (BTABoK), SFIA, the global skills and competency framework for the digital world, recently updated their reference List of Bodies of Knowledge — English (sfia-online.org) for capabilities relevant to the professional disciplines that are in scope for SFIA.

“Well established Bodies of Knowledge tend to be formal sources, which are created and maintained by recognized industry or professional bodies,” said Paul Preiss, the CEO and Founder of Iasa Global, the world’s largest architecture professional organization. “Some of the best Bodies of Knowledge are open source and accept contributions as well as are reviewed by practicing professionals.  The BTABOK leads the way with full availability on Github – visit btabok/README.md at main · Iasa-Global/btabok · GitHub

The BTABoK was developed over many years, drawn from the experience and practice of individual technology architects of all types and specialties. The BTABoK is a free public archive of Business Technology architecture best practices, skills, and knowledge developed from the experience of individual and corporate members of Iasa Global. Hence the BTABoK is a practical resource for any type of architect in any type of organization.

Many organizations adopt the BTABoK as it provides guidance when implementing an architecture practice, without significant changes to existing standards, roles, practices and lifecycles that may already be in place.  A detailed mapping from SFIA to the Iasa Skills & Capability model for architects is available on request.