MEGA to Host Virtual Event Examining Successful EA Initiatives and Key Trends in Enterprise Architecture, Data Governance, and Risk Management

MEGA International, a global software company recognized as a leader in enterprise architecture for 13 consecutive years, will hosts its annual digital enterprise architecture event on November 29, 2022. At least two of the sessions will be tailored to a global audience depending on their time zone. In 2021, the event brought together over 1,500 IT and enterprise architecture professionals.

Luca de Risi, Chief Operating Officer at MEGA International, will start the conference with a keynote on the current evolution of enterprise architecture to meet the challenges faced by companies in their transformation and governance projects. Customers, partners, and experts will then be invited to share their feedback during interviews and round tables.


Keynote – Delivering value with a connected enterprise architecture

Luca de Risi will start the event on the evolution of the role of enterprise architecture regarding   cloud migration, security, data governance and sustainability.

Customer success story – Ensuring success of EA initiatives

Dan Hebda, Chief Strategy Officer at MEGA international, will discuss how clients have achieved strong recognition of EA’s contribution to business transformation.

Panel discussion – What is expected from an Enterprise Architect in 2023?

Christophe Robin, Global architecture senior manager at Nexans, Qasim Chughtai, Enterprise Architect at Medecins Sans Frontieres, Leslie Robinet, Services Director and Robert Raiola, Chief marketing officer de MEGA International will discuss the impact of cloud migration, security issues and the rise of sustainable and responsible development in organizations on the role of enterprise architects.

Customer success story – Executing transformation with Solution Architecture – best practices in agile environments

Carlo Ercole, IT Enterprise architect at Corner Banca, will give his views on the main solution architecture models to adopt in an agile environment during an exchange with Paul Estrach, Product Maketing Director at MEGA International.

Expert insight – Connecting Data Governance with strategic initiatives in 2023

Crystal Singh, Research Director at Info-Tech Research Group will explain how to create value by combining data governance and enterprise architecture in a discussion with Frédéric Fourquet, Product Marketing Manager at MEGA International.

Expert insight – The changing role of the risk manager in organizations: from gatekeeper to EA strategic partner

François Beaume, VP Risk and Insurance at Sonepar and VP at AMRAE, discusses the key role of the risk manager at a time of health, cyber and geopolitical crises in an interview with Cyril Amblard-Ladurantie, Product Marketing Manager at MEGA International.

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