Financial Cooperative WSECU Revamps Its Digital Landscape

Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) is on a mission to deliver increased value to their members and is now adopting a new digital business management tool from the market disruptor Ardoq.

Ardoq has emerged as a prominent player in the realm of digital business management solutions, targeting sizable tech-focused enterprises striving to revamp their digital landscape. An impressive growth story is a testament to the value of their in-demand software.

“All companies are going through digital transformation at some level, and Ardoq helps them navigate change better and succeed on their journey,” says Head of Sales for Ardoq in North America, Henrik Holth.

Ardoq is a cloud-native data driven collaboration platform designed to help organizations achieve success in their digital transformation projects. Enterprise Architects, managers and enterprise stakeholders can document the organization and improve the decision-making process. Now Ardoq is welcoming WSECU to their client list.

“With a mutual dedication to innovation and operational excellence, I am thrilled to have WSECU joining the Ardoq Family. I am truly impressed by the mindset the team at WSECU has shown so far, and knowing both our product and their commitment I am sure Ardoq will become a go-to platform for many stakeholders in the organization,” Holth states.

WSECU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that offers a range of financial services to its over 300,000 members. As a financial institution, WSECU’s focuses on delivering value to its members through excellence in member service via every channel, including digital. The institution offers innovative financial solutions, such as mobile banking and digital payments, as well as provides personalized financial advice and guidance to help members achieve their financial goals. Even in IT it is all about the members, according to Chief Technology Officer Judith Henderson.

“To support today’s and tomorrow’s members, , we have to continuously improve products and services to meet evolving consumer needs,” said Henderson. “We are now modernizing our IT landscape and, in the process, we evaluated all vendors in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant leader category. In selecting Ardoq as our preferred tool, we will be much better able to improve the control and overview of our applications and integrations.”

In addition to application portfolio management, WSECU are looking into using other use cases in the solution as well.

“Ardoq’s data-driven platform will provide us with an important overview of our digital landscape. The data is aggregated into a variety of visualizations and dashboards, making it easier to engage different stakeholders across the organization and to execute our strategy better. That’s great for our members and the credit union over all,” Henderson concludes.

Control is crucial for financial institutions

WSECU is far from the only financial institution in the states to adopt Ardoq as their preferred tool. Almost 20 percent of Ardoq’s existing customers are financial services institutions, a growing number with one out of five new US customers from the sector. A highly competitive market and fast-evolving technology causes companies to build a better digital foundation in order to keep up according to the Head of Sales.

“The challenges are quite similar for almost everybody we talk to. Applications no longer sit in IT like before, they are running in different departments and have owners all over the organization. This shadow IT leads to a lack of overview and prioritization, increased unnecessary costs and even increased risk. For financial institutions, this control is crucial and a solution like Ardoq is needed to modernize their digital estate,” Holth concludes.