Elevate to the ‘Wow’ Factor with IT Support

By Lisa Woodall

What is at the heart of providing IT support at the moments that matter to your corporate colleagues?

When I look at the common technologies like Servicenow and Zendesk, I see  IT operational processes and workflows that, at their core, support IT teams on navigating asset, estate knowledge and coordinating SMEs and experts across supply chains to get things fixed.

And then I look at something like Adobe experience cloud that is at the end of selling and servicing the needs of a market in a way that resonates and is personalized to individual preferences.

However, I wonder if all of us in IT are missing a trick.

Technologies from Adobe experience cloud end of selling and servicing products and services in the B2C and B2B channels. Then products like Zendesk and Servicenow, at their core, seem to be operational processes and support workflows.

I wonder if it’s navigating a variety of IT aspects to get to the nub of the problem, fix and handle in a way that your colleague has the “phew” factor rather than the “argh” factor.

What are the critical aspects?

1. Understanding your colleagues

2. Knowledge about the assets they use

3. Awareness of the currency of your estate

4. And how IT shows up creating a seamless omnichannel experience

Your colleagues

  • What language do they speak in
  • What jobs do they do
  • Where are they based
  • What IT level of competency do they have
  • What support channel do they prefer

Asset Knowledge

  • What devices are your colleagues using
  • What connection protocols are your colleagues using
  • What applications do your colleagues subscribe to
  • What infrastructure do the applications run on
  • What networks are your colleagues attached to

Currency of your estate

  • What issues / incidents / failures are impacting the services your colleagues use
  • How up to date is every one of the components of the environment that your colleague is dependent on

How you show up

  • In person
  • On the end of a call
  • In the conversational AI fueled chat

Now take a look at your transformation programmes in the world of IT ops are you at the basic level of assets and workflows or are you thinking through the eyes of your colleagues, considering what they do, how they work and how they want you to show up and considering your operational interactions from the motivations of your colleagues?

You know where I think the majority of IT service desks are … but hey many have radically changed and are in the world of acutely tuning in to the experience of colleagues and not just the service levels, availability metrics, and single service fix times.

Let’s get more of our IT service management industry world driven by colleague experiences to get us all to the next level of service excellence that our industry needs. As an industry we can do it .

From the agrh factor, to the phew factor to aiming for the wow factor!