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Elevating Architecture

What Architects Need to Know

January 19, 2022 Paul Preiss 0

The industry constantly struggles with what concepts and competencies architects need to know to call themselves architects. However, we have known this for a very long time, it is just that the industry is willing […]

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Applications & Technology

MBA for an Architect – Is it worth it?

December 8, 2021 Kumar Gaurav 0

Since I completed my MBA, many technology architect colleagues have asked, “Is it worth it?”   The short answer has been, “it depends.”  At the start of my career and for several years, I have been profoundly involved with technology […]

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Elevating Architecture

Maybe It Is Time for Kind Architecture

April 26, 2021 Shaun Heal 0

It can often feel as if society is at a crossroads. Most days there seem to be new stories in the battle against bigotry, racism & xenophobia. This leaves technologists to try and cope with the relentless flow of […]

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Elevating Architecture

SIMPLE People Skills

February 24, 2021 Dan Fain 0

Often, I get asked what makes a good architect and my answer usually surprises people. They assume I will talk about technical proficiency or business strategy but my answer centers around people skills and imparting value at the people level. […]