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Applications & Technology

AI Ethical Decision Making: Is Society Ready?

June 24, 2022 Holt Hackney 0

With the accelerating evolution of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a growing role in decision-making processes. Humans are becoming increasingly dependent on algorithms to process information, recommend certain behaviors, and even take actions of […]

The Digital Age
Applications & Technology

What Spotify and Tinder Aren’t Telling Us

May 23, 2022 Holt Hackney 0

Our online and real-world lives are increasingly influenced by algorithmic recommendations based on data gathered about our behavior by companies that are often reluctant to tell us what data they’re gathering how they are using […]

Applications & Technology

Harnessing Noise in Optical Computing for AI

February 23, 2022 Holt Hackney 0

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently affecting our lives in many small but meaningful ways. In the near future, it’s predicted that these technologies will have an even larger impact through activities such as […]