enterprise architect interview
From the Editor

Take the Initiative

August 15, 2016 George Paras 0

When I reflect on the title of this issue and the topics of our contributed articles, it reminds me of the motivations of many of the EA practitioners I have worked with over the years. […]

recruiting it professionals
Elevating EA

Hire the Potential, Not the Skills

May 15, 2016 Len Fehskens 0

As organizations grow, it’s important that managers facilitate the professional development of their IT staff, in order to nurture the skills that employees will need to develop the business further. Perhaps more important, though, is […]

ea and the internet of things
From the Editor

EA and the Internet of Things

May 15, 2016 George Paras 0

I once thought consumer-oriented “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices were novelties. The early ones were single purpose, low frequency, not integrated, and had narrow uses. They were solutions to problems I didn’t have. Lately, I […]