Elevating EA

Four Ways to Boost Enterprise Agility

April 30, 2021 Guy Wilcox 0

Many enterprise businesses are working to improve their agility – and for very good reason. Research by McKinsey found organizations can see a 20 to 30% improvement in their financial performance when agility is improved. […]

Elevating EA

Maybe It Is Time for Kind Architecture

April 26, 2021 Shaun Heal 0

It can often feel as if society is at a crossroads. Most days there seem to be new stories in the battle against bigotry, racism & xenophobia. This leaves technologists to try and cope with the relentless flow of […]

Strategy & Planning

Cloud Migration – Hamstrung by the 5Rs?

April 19, 2021 Neil Mulholland 0

As Cloud becomes part of the everyday conversation in the technology world, offering genuine on-demand benefits, the big question is how do you realise these benefits from where you are today? You have outlined your business case and now need to define a plan and […]

Elevating EA

The Power of Focus

April 12, 2021 David Taylor 0

There is an apocryphal tale of Warren Buffett and his pilot Mike Flint that beautifully illustrates the power of focus. According to legend, the conversation went something along these lines. Mike was celebrating ten years […]