Dev Ops Partner with EA
Applications & Technology

DevOps Takes the Stage as a Partner with EA

February 6, 2018 Christopher Calnan 0

As the demand for software rises, a methodology to guide its development has skyrocketed in prominence. DevOps, a compound contraction of (software) development and (software) operations, is spiking in popularity as companies take a more […]

GDPR Regulatory Framework
IT Governance

EAs Take on EU’s New Regulatory Framework

February 6, 2018 Matt Middleton-Leal 0

Enterprise everywhere is bracing itself for Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Scheduled to come into force beginning in May 2018, GDPR applies to any organization—regardless of size or geography—that processes or stores data […]

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From the Editor

What Can You See on the Horizon?

February 6, 2018 Holt Hackney 0

Predicting the future is hard work, especially when it comes to EA. But that’s what we have tried to do in the pages of the latest Architecture & Governance Magazine with three articles that examine […]