role of enterprise architecture
From the Editor

EA in the Middle

November 15, 2015 George Paras 0

Despite the efforts of many EA advocates, there is still a recurring debate and lack of consensus across the wider IT and business communities on the scope and role of EA. Even among those who […]

agile development principles
Digital Transformation

Embrace Agile or Risk Falling Behind

November 15, 2015 Allen Brown 0

Alvin Toffler first predicted that the rate of technological change and progress was accelerating faster than people are ready for, or can handle, in his 1970 bestseller, Future Shock. Future shock, he argues, causes disorientation, […]

enterprise architecture and business analysis
Strategy & Planning

Combining EA with Business Analysis

November 15, 2015 Dr. Michelle Supper 0

IT has revolutionized the business world. Initially, an organization’s software is carefully selected, well-ordered, and fit for purpose, but as the years go by, the organization’s application holdings grow organically. Inevitably, its application landscapes become […]