simplifying enterprise architecture
Applications & Technology

Taking It Back to Simple

August 15, 2015 David Baldwin 0

Today’s ever changing businesses cannot wait until next year’s planning cycle to implement projects that impact revenue bottom lines. Large entities, such as the Air Force, are taking an exorbitant amount of time to change […]

maturing an ea program
From the Editor

Timing is Everything

August 15, 2015 George Paras 0

“Timing is everything” is as true in EA as it is in life. While mentoring EA professionals, I have seen many failures and lost opportunities because teams were not sensitive to timing. It is particularly […]

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Strategy & Planning

Seasons of Architecture

August 15, 2015 Mike Baker 0

During the time I led an IT enterprise architecture program for a large technology company, we developed an annual cycle of architecture activities. They naturally evolved into four seasons of activities that aligned with the […]