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Strategy & Planning

Five Paradigm Shifts for Business Architecture Success

November 15, 2013 Jeff Scott 1

OVERVIEW Enterprise architects sit at a crossroads. Infrastructure technology is moving to outsourcers and into the cloud. For applications, buy before build is the norm. Endpoint technologies, user interface development, and business process automation are […]

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Elevating EA

Possible Futures for Enterprise Architecture

November 15, 2013 Mark Bodman 0

As I envision where enterprise architecture will go in the future, parallel activities in meteorology come to mind: how similar the enterprise architecture role is to meteorology and how predicting the future for our occupation […]

evolution of enterprise architecture
From the Editor

The Evolving Nature of the EA Profession

November 15, 2013 George Paras 0

The theme for this issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine is “The Evolving Nature of the EA Profession.” As a relatively young discipline, enterprise architecture has come a long way. Interest levels continue to be high, […]

Applications & Technology

A Newly Hired CIO: Day One

August 15, 2013 Chris Manuel 0

In the game “Sim City,” players start from an underdeveloped green field—completely unencumbered by existing constructs such as buildings, power lines, roadways, and that 100-year-old tree you can’t cut down because of what it represents […]

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Applications & Technology

Data Governance for the Mobile Enterprise

August 15, 2013 Jaspreet Singh 0

It’s 2013: do you know where your corporate data is? Not so long ago, the answer would have been relatively simple. From financial spreadsheets to business proposals, product designs, customer lists, and beyond, virtually all […]

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From the Editor

EA Is Everyone’s Job

August 15, 2013 George Paras 0

The theme for this issue of Architecture & Governance Magazine is “EA Is Everyone’s Job.” As awareness of the discipline around enterprise architecture has surged in the consciousness of corporate leaders in the C-suite, so too […]

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Elevating EA

Best of the Blog: EA is FREE

August 15, 2013 Ben Geller 0

I recently had a conversation with a trusted member of the analyst community. We were reflecting on the current state of enterprise architecture and were comparing notes on the many discussions we each had over […]